A week off…?

If we look back at the previous four weekends I’ve run the Harbour View 5k, parkrun #135, the Fleet Half Marathon and the Durrell Challenge 13k.

I think it’s fair to say a weekend off of racing was about due. So that’s what I’ve had. The funny thing is not having any kind of race in my diary so I’m not running preparing for anything either.

I guess that’s what drew me towards Strava segment chasing. That and the Royal Wedding which didn’t really interest me.

So I ran along the south coast with a bit of warm up then a mile or so really hard. I ended up with my third fastest ever kilometre at a touch under 4:20 and third fastest ever mile at 7:07 (ish or something).

It felt tough to run that hard for that long but it went well and my speed was pretty constant in the hard section too. It was a good run.

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