The road back to Liverpool

My second Rock n Roll Liverpool Half Marathon is just over a month away and while recent training has been a bit mixed, I do feel better prepared already than I was for Fleet.

After Fleet I took a complete week off to help my knee recover and I think that was time very well spent. Right now, it just isn’t a factor and I’ve been able to get some good quality miles and intervals in.

After a couple of short-ish training runs, the start of April saw proper training begin again. There was a very well measured Cruise Interval session seeing me run along the South East coast of Jersey which was lovely. Then a couple of days later saw my return to Prospect parkrun after a couple of months away.

My wife and I had an amazing run from Theale, a train stop away, back into Reading town centre running along the River Kennet. It was a good run – one of Jean’s best ever at the 5-6 mile distance – and I really enjoyed it.

Then came a very nice tempo 5k back in Jersey and a great Short Interval run one morning back here in Reading.

The next Sunday, I turned a trip to the train station to pick something up into a Long 8 mile run. My heart rate was really under control and it was a good productive run.

The weather was quite hot last week so early morning runs went well, despite being more than a bit foggy one day.

Last Saturday, I pulled my long run forward a day in order to accommodate other bank holiday weekend plans but also with the good excuse of wrapping a long 10 mile run around a visit to Thames Valley Park for Reading parkrun. I don’t know if it was the weather but that one didn’t feel as good, but my confidence is still ok.

It’s been a good month or so of running since Fleet and I really do feel things are coming together very nicely for the Liverpool weekend. I’m certainly looking forward to it.

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