Race week build-up

I’m writing this on the Tuesday night 5 days before my next 10K race and in the unusual position that I’m going into race week with a justifiable positivity. As I said last time I posted here, running has continued to go well.

Since the last time I posted here I’ve been running 4 or 5 times a week pretty consistently.

Not all of these runs have been particularly beneficial. There was one of those on Halloween where my heart rate was misread completely and somehow my GPS interpreted me as being about a mile away from where I actually was. Very odd.

There was also a parkrun where the weather was utterly foul – there was wind, it was raining, there was mud and I was not really enjoying it very much despite that coming in to it I had been hoping for a course personal best.

Training has really built up to a place where I am developing some confidence going into Sunday’s race. It probably started at the beginning of this month when I had a long 6 mile run with a fast finish where I ran faster than I have done, if I exclude all races, since the middle of 2016.

Then, this past Sunday I went even faster again – about another minute faster. To me and it really bears some repeating but these are the fastest runs I have done over this kind of distance – excluding all races – since June 2016. My 10km personal best was achieved in November 2017.

Does that mean I’m in better form than I was before? To be honest, I doubt it but I feel like I’m in really good form but not necessarily better then those brilliant days around 2 years ago. But you never know.

I am looking forward to Sunday as I could be on the verge something really brilliant. Or it could just be a great weekend away. Either way I’ll be happy.

I’m not sure I really mind how it goes actually but I’m certainly looking forward to it, am confident of running well and whatever will be will be.

What does come to mind though, considering where I’m running at the weekend, is the finish of my very first half marathon back at Silverstone Circuit in 2014. I finished that day having run the whole thing which I hadn’t really expected. Then, I stopped after the race, posted photos on Facebook and loved the reaction that came back.

Now I don’t expect reaction every time but back then it was still great and while I can’t imagine any reaction like that this weekend, to me this event could be just as special as that first time. I better let you know how it goes next week.