Ok so the last time I posted here was 16 February not long after not taking part in the London Winter Run due to some storm or other.

So since then…. ummmm…. not the easiest 7 weeks or so to summarise really…

It’s like the whole world has turned upside down isn’t it.

Who’d have thought that the Winter Run cancellation wouldn’t have been the strangest set of events this year.

Oh boy. Not even close.

Well, let’s be honest there’s nothing I can tell you about the general circumstances of the past couple of months that you don’t already know.

And in light of the number of race postponements I’ve had to suffer I’m not sure I’m in a place where I’d like to witter on about my runs.  The reality is that my fitness was massively ramping up towards the Fleet Half Marathon only for the event to be cancelled 24 hours before its start. Not to say that was any surprise in the end because of the way the fear and the risks were building at the time.

A couple of days after my last post I had an amazing running day – a 4 mile tempo run in the morning then a run to the Sweatshop running group, 5k with them and running back again all in the evening. It was a great day running wise. The following Sunday I did another run with the group which was my fastest 8 mile run in 3 years, then subsequent runs of my fastest 5 miles in 4 years and my fastest 7k in 5 years.

That took me then to a 5k race at Kempton Park racecourse. My wife had that in mind for a personal best over the distance and she had asked me to coach/pace her. She did an amazing job running under 31 minutes for the first time ever. Mission accomplished! Brilliant and so proud to have been a part of it.

Getting ready for the Kempton start

After that I was really winding down towards Fleet so no great runs to speak of. A little twinge in a calf was an irritation but not enough to really cause a problem. The build up was going well.

Then the world stopped. I could only look on and think what might have been. What could one do otherwise? I did try and replace the half, trying to run a two hour half around the roads of Reading. Actually, it went OK for the first third or so – pretty much up until I had to stop at road crossings. Time slipped away, my rhythm was lost and I let the target go. I got the half done in about 2:13 which was OK considering the circumstances but still ultimately a bit unsatisfying. I just prefer running in groups I guess.

Which is pretty blooming inconvenient right now.

So a week later than that I came back to Jersey which is now going to be permanent, albeit (hopefully) with many trips away to get the most out of running as we’ve done before, and had hoped to do this year. That just has to wait for now.

Running generally actually had to wait. Local restrictions called for by the amateur virologists of Facebook meant that I had to isolate for 14 days when returning. No running at all then and I dare say a huge loss in form and fitness. As I write this I’ve only had one run since and it went OK enough. But I can’t imagine I’ll have the amazing form of only a few weeks ago. It can’t be helped now.

So no idea what comes next. There’s still runs in the diary, now as far in advance as May 2021 but I’ll settle for any race really, obviously only when the actual experts say its safe to do so. It all feels a long way away and really quite unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but as running, and specifically races, are so important to me its hard not to feel a little lost and bereft. All in good time though…all in good time.

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