Things I’ve learnt about runners #1 – We like a good swear

For the last year or so, I’ve been a Facebook page administrator for a running group and one of the regular tasks is putting up a post on which the members put comments saying what they’ve achieved that day. These posts will be accompanied by a suitable picture – something inspirational, or occasionally funny.

These are some examples and levels of reaction to some recent post photos.

6 likes and 1 😂. It amused me. Can’t remember where I’d seen Clippy earlier that day
6 likes and 8 🤣 – better
9 likes and 2 loves
22 🤣, 10 likes and 3 loves

Yes, my friends. Inspirational messages are lovely and we all like a laugh.

But what runners really want is a f@£&!ng good swear.

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