Things I’ve learnt about runners #2 – most are wrong about getting sprayed with water during a warm race

A couple of months back I traveled over from the UK to Jersey by boat and for those of you who haven’t done it before it takes about 8 hours at least and therefore being a solo traveler there was a lot of time to fill with something. Anything.

In my case, I listened to (for the second time actually) the Running Commentary podcast recorded throughout their London Marathon in 2019. Now as I recall 2019 was nothing like as hot as a previous year and this came up during their rambling, but highly entertaining, conversation.

Paul Tonkinson’s mind wandered to that warmer marathon and how at various points they were spraying the runners with water in order to cool everyone down, and how this was very irritating if totally well meant. I agreed. I don’t remember Rob Deering’s reaction.

It reminded me of two previous runs where this happened to me – the Great Newham 10k around the Olympic Park area and the Guernsey Half in 2017. And how I seemed to be the only person anywhere near me in either of those who was mildly irritated by this. I get the theory but this podcast was literally the first time I’d encountered someone who like me takes the right view on this.

I get the well meaning feeling behind it – these are hot sweaty people overheating and needing to cool down and I’ll help with that because I’m a nice person.

However, my view on this is I’m a well prepared runner whose brought his own liquid thanks very much and also might be carrying several hundred pounds worth of telephone or GoPro and might prefer it not getting all wet.

One time I let the shower get me and sure enough it made me wet and cold and a bit annoyed. Marvellous. The other time (in Guernsey) I ran around the spray on my own. The rest of you runners were and are wrong on this. You’re welcome.

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