Fake crowd noise…. dear God…..


So remember I was writing a few weeks ago about my mild irritation of virtual running races where you get awarded a medal celebrating a run you did somewhere other than the medal says you did.

Well, the world has taken that nonsense to it’s logical extreme conclusion. Sky Sports have actual football again. This is a good thing.

However, it’s poor little football fans might not be handle to cope with the lack of noise in the stadium so they’ve provided an option for the lickle flowers to add fake crowd noise from FIFA the game.

Seriously. Why?

Let’s be honest it’s not even going to be the good chants. One of the joys of life football is catching a bit of rude crowd noise and singing before the live producer cuts the sound. The unmistakeable “buuuulshittttaaah” accompanying a goal kick.

I’m no old traditionalist football fan by any stretch – in fact, not really much of a fan at all. But please don’t do this. It’s unnecessary and it’s wrong.

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