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Looking back…

Nine races into our 12 race adventure, we’ll occasionally look back or talk about our plans. Those conversations inevitably bring me to this song and video – filmed in, and partly about, Bexhill-on-Sea. I ran past the wooden structure they show and the Sovereign Light Café itself six times each in the Poppy Half. Amazing memories (rather glossing over the foul weather that day)

Watch “Keane – Sovereign Light Café” on YouTube

Back home

It’s nice to be back at home finally and not be planning to head off for my next trip. Don’t get me wrong I still love the traveling but just not always back-to-back trips.

Zurich was excellent. OK it wasn’t uneventful, managing to get on one wrong train and having my hotel room given to someone else. Incidentally what exactly was going on in Zurich to fill up all the hotel rooms? The only thing I can find was a FIFA meeting. Can’t see it somehow.

Anyway, I’ve already had a quick gush elsewhere about the highlights so for today we’ll just focus on my favourite tunes from my iPod while I was away along with some vaguely relevant chitchat. Listen to them all. Ah go on now…

Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen
This was the first tune of the trip, played walking from the plane to arrivals in Gatwick. Made the surely unnecessarily long trip nearly pleasant. Quite an achievement.

Courteeners – When You Want Something You Can’t Have
Just a good song. Not their best but still really good. Honorable mention for “Save Rosemary In Time” for using the lyric “smarter than the average bear”

Taylor Swift – The Lucky One
Despite having had this on my iPod since her Red album came out I’d never heard this before. I first heard it when leaving the Radisson Hotel in Zurich airport. When on the plane I checked for the title in case I had it and up it came!

Alistair Griffin – Always No.1
Nothing witty to say here. I just like him and this.

Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
Hand picked weird choice. Seemed appropriate on Tuesday morning. Not entirely sure why now.

Depeche Mode – Soft Touch / Raw Nerve
Almost like one of their 80s tunes but just made a bit more grubby. That’s a good thing by the way.

Biffy Clyro – Accident Without Emergency
Curiously familiar. Not sure why. Something about the drums I think. It’ll come to me one day. Probably one night actually and I’ll say it out loud and, quite rightly, get funny looks.

Keane – Sovereign Light Café
Brought back memories of my first 5k road run. Nice

Arctic Monkeys – Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair
Three reasons. 1. kids should be taught how to play the guitar like in the intro. 2. Cool title. 3. My tablet predicted the word “monkeys” after “arctic”

Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
This is high up my list of “songs I’d never thought someone might request”. It’s not awful but not exactly danceable! Enjoyed it on the plane though!

Musical meandering

As I promised back in errr… January …. ahem…. I thought I’d put some more musically themed blogs around here sometime.

Tonight I was originally going to play some more Forza but felt I was too tired to do any good so just relaxed instead. And then I remembered my January post so thought I’d pick up my copy of 1,001 Songs To Hear Before You Die and leaf through from back to front (new to old).

And hope not to find the Birdie Song mentioned….

Starts off well enough Gorillaz “Stylo”. When this was released I remember being blown away by it. I saw it done live-ish on Later With Jools and it sounded outstanding but somehow never became as cool as their early stuff. Quite inexplicable to me.

Couple of world music bits or other things I can’t be bothered writing about next plus Lily Allen “The Fear” (top 1,000 songs ever? Really?!) and Florence & The Machine “Dog Days Are Over” (hmmm I guess)

Then Coldplay “Viva La Vida”. To me this originally was quite difficult to listen to so how it ever got to number one still puzzles me. Not that it’s not a great tune. Just not even Coldplay’s best work ever. Yet their only ever number 1 in either the US or UK. Quite bizarre.

iPod about to die so that’ll do for now. Night!!

First blog of 2011

Tonight I’ve had the most lovely relaxed evening. It’s just been great enjoying reading one of my Xmas pressies in such a fab relaxed atmosphere.

It got me thinking I really should post here more. I’m sure I have lots more nonsense in my head I should share but I don’t.

For example about 10 years ago before the Internet was like everywhere and around the time I was writing a web site, on Prestel before the Internet itself went mainstream, devoted to motor sport news and I had an idea late one December to write a page every day based on a relevant hopefully-motor-sport-related post. I guess someone came up with the idea of a blog before I executed it. I just didn’t know at the time. Being sweet and innocent and all that.

Anyway the book I was reading was 1001 Songs To Hear Before You Die. And what I’m thinking of doing is working my way back through the book finding things to witter on about.

Like how somehow Keane have only 2 songs in the top 10,000 yet Goldfrapp have 12. Dont get me wrong – I love Goldfrapp, especially “Number 1” but a whole albums worth? Naaahh.

Yet how good it is the Streets have several including “Dry Your Eyes” that apparently Chris Martin originally did the vocals for.

Anyhoo I decided I need more blogs about music. So going forward that lovely book will influence more.

And as for now I’d like to say on New Years Eve I particularly enjoyed playing….
McFly “Shine A Light”
Sugababes “Push the button”
Killers “Mr Brightside” (in the top 1,001 tunes!)

and wish I could have found a way of playing Taylor Swift “Back To December”

So for the first post in three months this has been quite wordy and I hope there’ll be lots more. Can’t promise tho!

Ash and Inside Job

Hey all. It seems like I’m posting roughly once a month at the moment so I thought I’d get my November post in early and who knows I might even manage another. Maybe.

The last three weekends have been pretty amazing really all starting with a really nice night out with a group from work. It was really good chatting to quite a few people who I don’t often get to. They also had an excellent band on – Inside Job – who did in particular a fantastic cover of the Stereophonics’ “Dakota”.

Then this weekend first featured a fab night out with family, but then last night I went to see Ash.

I was really impressed with a lot of their newer tracks but of course the classics were the best. Tim treated us to some guitar playing with a scythe and the band had originally come out wearing what really looked quite a lot like the blue catering size kitchen roll, and played their first song wearing it.

The night ended with an especially storming Burn Baby Burn which I enjoyed enormously from the mosh pit right in the of the band. Quality. My left ear is still ringing but really it was worth it! That’s about the extent of my social life for the month I think, although at some stage we need to play a pool semi-final and final too hopefully! Quite looking forward to a nice normal week now, but hoping to enjoy myself at least. Enjoy yourselves all!

Musical musings

I’m feeling in a very musical mood tonight. Probably because of hearing about Jersey Live coming up this weekend – which I’m not going to at present but I might change my mind on that yet! So I thought it might be appropriate to share with you all few songs off of my iPod for you all to remember or just think about.

1. Tin Tin Out – Strings for Yasmin One of those songs from the late 90s that any occasional club goer of about my age will probably remember even if they might not know it’s name. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve danced to this in Folies nightclub many times myself way back when. Song stands the test of time well.

2. Joan Armatrading – Love and Affection Maybe I’m just not in the mood for this one. Yeah it’s nice but “nice” isn’t really doing it for me right now.

3. Will I Am feat. Cheryl Cole – Heartbreaker I quite like this but I feel it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure like somehow there’s something embarassing about liking it. Maybe that’s Cheryl’s presence – I don’t know. Tis good.

4. Coldplay – Trouble Ok I guess this establishes that I’m not just not enjoying slow tunes because this one is pretty chilled to say the least but I’m still liking it lots. Still not as good as “Yellow” or “The Scientist” though.

5. Maria McKee – Show Me Heaven Showing my age tonight aren’t I!! I remember when this came out originally I absolutely hated it as it was sloppy pap. But older and (slightly) wiser me quite likes it. Beautiful song really, even if it is from a film – that’s usually enough to put me off a tune!

That’ll do for tonight – off to get some beauty sleep I think. Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Third times a charm

I started writing this whilst listening to the very odd Windowlicker by the Aphex Twin in my daughters schools car park. I’ve been here passing the time for the best part of half an hour – productive evening then.

I’ve actually had three stabs at writing this now – here on the bus on the way home friday evening and Thursday whilst standing in Gorey chippy. None of this is particularly useful information either in terms of background or context to any of this but such is life – you read this drivel you takes your chances really.

So what’s been going on with me lately – quite a bit really I guess. The diet has been going well…….. I’ve not lost a heck of a lot more but I’m getting fit and keeping the weight off which is great.

Last weekend I was doing my first proper karaoke night and I have to say I think it went damn well. The crowd at Bobby’s Bar were well into it and I might well be heading back there some time soon. Time will tell. And there was me thinking I would actually hate doing karaoke. It were great. I even allowed myself to get talked into joining someone singing “Fast Car” and joined a group for “Bohemian Rhapsody” – got to be done really 🙂

I enjoyed watching Glastonbury coverage on tv last week. Blur seemed outstanding even if Damon seemed a touch preoccupied with “Positivity” – not all that sure what that was about but the music was great, especially opening with Girls and Boys – brilliant!

One thing I did notice though was this absolutely huuuuge banner with “I love sausage” (technically it was a heart sign but I haven’t got one in this font!). Where do people buy this stuff – is there like a 60ft banner shop somewhere on the internet or something? We should be told. Might not bother investing in one for Jersey Live though.

Right then – bus is nearly home so I think that’s a good place to stop as any. Highlight of the weekend is lunch with work tomorrow swiftly ttp followed by hosting several or many of our kids mates at ours. My head will hurt from one or the other!

Excitement? Not as such….

Well last time i blogged here about this time last month I threatened that I wouldn’t have much exciting stuff to post and to be honest I don’t.

I’ve had another week off work which was good.  I’ve been hosting a couple of pub quizzes which has been ok – not as much fun as DJing though and it seems like the people i work with have branched out into karaoke and quizzes and I don’t much fancy that so it could be my DJ work will dry up quite a lot.  Shame really – but there’s odd bits here and there I have so they’ll have to do.

This past weekend I spent Saturday evening and night at Jersey Live.  The dance arena was fab, but for me the highlight of the night has to be the set by the Courteneers.  I’d faintly heard of the name before and had somehow recalled one song they did – Not 19 Forever – which I now love.  Must buy some of their stuff sometime very soon.  Loved it.

Also, enjoyed the silent disco – a tent with 50 or so people dancing to music being put in through headphones so no-one else can hear it.  I did it and it’s very cool – wierd to watch but it’s about participating not watching.

To be honest the Zutons were a bit of a come down musically.  The atmosphere was fab and I’d go again any time (albeit perhaps not paying the £50 entry) but I’d love a band more to my taste.

Anyway, can’t think of anything else more interesting to say so I’ll leave it there.  Bye for now.

Random tunes

Today I’m going to revive my occasional “feature” (I think that’s too kind a term for this but I can’t think of anything more apt) of picking 10 songs at random off of my Ipod, or in today’s case off of my media player library, and wittering on about them in the hope of saying something interesting or re-telling a chirpy anecdote.  Unfortunately, it usually turns into self-indulgent and pointless reviewing of music but too bad.  Let’s dig in.

1. Nerina Pallot – Geek Love.  Oh great first tune I pick is by someone on my friends list. Well ok it’s not my fave Nerina tune ever (Everybody’s Gone To War) but it’s very good all the same and a very sweet song.  I like.

2. The Calling – Wherever You Will Go.  Why’s this got such a bad rating from Media Player.  There’s a lot of people slating this then and I have no idea why.  I love it.

3. The Bravery – An Honest Mistake.  Again I quite like this although the band weren’t exactly the longest lasting ever were they.  But it’s just passed 3 mins time pleasantly enough so it’ll do.

4. The Music – Freedom Fighters.  Don’t recognise this so definitely haven’t got any witty stories about it.  It’s not great either so probably won’t be staying on this hard drive long.  It’s not terrible so not really doing anything for me.

5. Terrorvision – Perseverance.  Haven’t heard this in years.  Seems most of this mob are guitar bands so far (plus Nerina) and I don’t think that’s really a fair reflection on my taste in music.  I’m a bit more varied than that I thought….Whatever happened to Terrorvision – great band really which never seemed to get the credit and support they deserved.

6. Beastie Boys – Fight for your right to party.  Hahaha – weren’t the BBs seen as something as a joke when this came out for their nonsense with car badges and such like.  Then they ruin it all by making fab music like Intergalactic.

7. Presidents of the USA – Video Killed the Radio Star.   Awwww I lurve this tune.  The original was great but this mob really added some great sound to it and a bit of attitude.  I think I played this at the work do last weekend – not sure – too long ago now to remember.  I certainly planned to but that doesn’t mean a lot.

8. (more guitary stuff – yes that’s a real word!)  Linkin Park – Points of Authority.  This mob are very hit and miss for me.  Like this – love “In The End”.  Another fab band who I don’t get to hear enough of.

9. Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar.  Not my fave Chems track ever but it’s pretty good.  Most known to me for its video of a train journey or for being on the soundtrack of a PS2 rallying game.

10. Good Charlotte – Boys and Girls.  Another band that’s escaped my attention the past few years and they came to mind anyway after playing Terrorvision before.  Seemed to end too soon, but I do love quick little 3 minute rock songs.

That’ll do for now, maybe next time I’d retell some stories of excitement in my life but I wouldn’t count on it.  Bye bye

From the beach

Today I thought I’d write my recent thoughts from the rather pleasant surroundings of the beach at Green Island. You see much like the middle of last week the weather is totally gorgeous so we, being me and the kids, are making the most of it.

It’s been a pretty varied last few days really. Doing a bit of work, both in my day job and my part time night one, but also getting out a lot catching some sun and having a few beers too.

Last Friday I was out having a fab time at a work social. I had organised some of the music for it, but on this occasion we had proper musicians in the form of a superb band. I did however have one amaing moment while “playing”. I’d put on a few dance tunes late on and got a few people going (most were outside as is the trend since the smoking ban) and the band wandered in to do a few numbers.  I had Brimful of Asha on and they actually picked up the song in progress and joined in.  It was very cool and very memorable.  Great work by them (haven’t got their name to hand so can’t plug them sadly).

We’ve also had a couple of barbecues again making the most of the weather but since i don’t think its meant to last its probably just as well.

Well i’m going to finish here and check on what neolithic creatures the kids have dragged out of the rockpools here. Or I’m going to lie here and let U2’s With Or Without You remind me some more of Friday 🙂 Bye for now