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Third times a charm

I started writing this whilst listening to the very odd Windowlicker by the Aphex Twin in my daughters schools car park. I’ve been here passing the time for the best part of half an hour – productive evening then.

I’ve actually had three stabs at writing this now – here on the bus on the way home friday evening and Thursday whilst standing in Gorey chippy. None of this is particularly useful information either in terms of background or context to any of this but such is life – you read this drivel you takes your chances really.

So what’s been going on with me lately – quite a bit really I guess. The diet has been going well…….. I’ve not lost a heck of a lot more but I’m getting fit and keeping the weight off which is great.

Last weekend I was doing my first proper karaoke night and I have to say I think it went damn well. The crowd at Bobby’s Bar were well into it and I might well be heading back there some time soon. Time will tell. And there was me thinking I would actually hate doing karaoke. It were great. I even allowed myself to get talked into joining someone singing “Fast Car” and joined a group for “Bohemian Rhapsody” – got to be done really 🙂

I enjoyed watching Glastonbury coverage on tv last week. Blur seemed outstanding even if Damon seemed a touch preoccupied with “Positivity” – not all that sure what that was about but the music was great, especially opening with Girls and Boys – brilliant!

One thing I did notice though was this absolutely huuuuge banner with “I love sausage” (technically it was a heart sign but I haven’t got one in this font!). Where do people buy this stuff – is there like a 60ft banner shop somewhere on the internet or something? We should be told. Might not bother investing in one for Jersey Live though.

Right then – bus is nearly home so I think that’s a good place to stop as any. Highlight of the weekend is lunch with work tomorrow swiftly ttp followed by hosting several or many of our kids mates at ours. My head will hurt from one or the other!

Snooker, NFL and some thoughts on motor racing

It’s a good night for tv tonight.  I started off watching the NFL conference games on Sky+ but have now been distracted by the snooker.

I was however first distracted by the snooker as a result of the commentators making arses of themselves not hearing the referee say the words “and a miss” in a calm clear voice, whilst the rest of us, including everyone else working on the show, could hear it.  Not sure I’m going to stick with this or not.  It’s about to be 7-7 in a race to 10 so could be here all night really.  We’ll see.

The NFL was getting my attention and enormously enjoying watching the opening few drives of the Arizona game.  Not sure how that game is going to go either, but in one the most open NFL seasons in years I guess that’s entirely appropriate.

More importantly however motor racing season is approaching rapidly and my new found (as of last year) interest in NASCAR is going to see me watching the Daytona 500 with much more interest than in the past.  Looking forward to see how Tony Stewart gets on in his new team, and also Marcos Ambrose too – he’ll be challenging for race anytime there’s a road course and is perhaps even a bigger threat in those than Moody Montoya.  Should be good to watch.

Bike GPs (well not so much the big class but certainly the 250s and 125s) look good this year with a real live chance of more British winners.  I still remember very fondly the British 125 race last season, even to the extent of remembering they had Alan Davies (yes him, off of QI) in the commentary box whilst Iannone came slithering off giving the 8 year old (or something) British fella a half minute lead over the best riders the series has. Wonderful wonderful stuff.

World Superbikes should be good too with one of the biggest fields in years – which I guess is odd in these hard times.  Indeed the F1 grid is shrinking (or is it – I guess “Honda” will be around in some form) and so is that in the IRL – speaking of which that’s going to be rather less interesting this year losing Darren Manning, probably Justin Wilson, Jay Howard and Alex Lloyd continuing the theme of his career of never having money to secure a drive.  I’m hoping some of these will get a ride but they just don’t have the cash of the Australians and Latinos so I just don’t see it.  Shame.

Well, I’m going to get back to watching the snooker I think, although O’Sullivan’s shouty fans might soon see me running back to the American football.  We’ll see – in the meantime have fun all.

Some new words

At the risk of sounding like a sad git who has nothing better to do than watching cookery programmes of an evening I thought I’d share with you some new words I learnt last night, courtesy of Nigella’s new show.

1. Clumpage – possibly she was a fan of that annoying Tracey off of BB but in this case it refers to little bits of mixture not combined properly.  Apparently some clumpage is a good thing.

2. Leafage – definitely inspired by BB Tracey – any leaves (preferably the overpriced posh variety I’d imagine)

3. Moosh – I’m guessing on the spelling here, but “mooshing” appears to involve stirring stuff and other than that I can’t add much to its meaning.

4. Numblyness – clearly she was getting pretty excitable making this crumble by the time this word came out.  I’m not really sure what this means but if you don’t get enough “clumpage” you don’t get the right amount of “numblyness”……apparently

5. Nubblyness – not to be mistaken with number 4 above.  Again, the meaning of this wasn’t explained but as I recall it came out in the context of “leafage” so can’t be all that similar.  Again, nubblyness I hear is a good thing.

Ok – that’s all for today’s vocabulary lesson.  Next time we’ll be listening to more made up words used by telly people who should know better.  Bye bye

A couple of shows and watching gastric bypass surgery

Ok while I’m here at lunch here’s another opportunity to read my random ramblings.  First off, I had a couple of shows at the Bistro Rocque last week and they went pretty well really.  Thursday night was fab with a great hen night crowd in and an excellent night was had by all (even if I do say so myself).  Sadly, Saturday night was very quiet in the restaurant so sadly by the time 1am rolled round most people had cleared off, but hey that’s life in that line of work I guess.  Not sure when my next work is coming up but probably next month and then no doubt it’ll be getting busy as we head for the Xmas rush.

The title of this post probably raised some curiosity but I just had to have a “random rant”.  You know you get those programmes where they follow people who are having gastric bypass surgery.  Well how come all of those who do it on TV swear blind that their size has nothing to do whatsoever with eating too much and its all genetic really honest guv.

Soooo, how come they’re having surgery to restrict the amount of food that they can eat????  There must be something in their logic I’m missing there cos it seems to be a recurring theme in all of these shows.

The last one I saw had an extra highlight in it – the estranged father of this kid came round to visit and suggested she go on a diet – much wailing about it being genetic followed – and he ended up suggesting he pays for her to have a month on a health farm to which he reply was along the lines of “but at those places if I miss a meal I’d have to go without and they make you do loads of exercise”.

Aha – found her out.  She’s just an exercise dodger who happens to enjoy several meals a day.  Nice to have her declare that on national TV (well Discovery Real Time or something) and I’m sure she’ll be keeping that hilarious clip for posterity.

Anyway, should be off to do some work now.  Happy Wednesday all

Cruel advertising

While watching the American Football last night two adverts kept playing just about all night and I thought I’d share them with you.

First, there’s this one for a Seat car where all these toys sneak out into the car overnight and get taken wherever.  But the cruelty is reserved right to the end where you see this poor little cuddly pig running after the car.  Personally, I think such meanness to poor animals should not be tolerated – it is mean and very wrong.

And then most of the night straight after they had this one on for some cold symptom thing or other and at the end of that they featured someone taking a nose of a snowman who was about to sneeze with the result that this sneeze went off in the snowmans head clearly causing great discomfort and distress – AND his hat blew off as well.

Such cruelty to creatures in advertising should not be permitted and the advertisers should be told they are wrong!!!

Ok that’s enough from me.  Carry on!