Run Britain Rankings – 26 April

This week I moved up a couple of hundred places. Originally, my Harbour View 5k performance was not good enough to improve my handicap, but when the system was told that the course actually run was a little short the difficulty level of the run increased sufficiently for my performance to make a difference.

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It’s been a good month or so since my last proper post here, and in that time I’ve had some fairly modest runs and one really good one.

The modest ones included Jersey Parkrun #129 at which I ran too quickly at the start given my relatively light training schedule and recent illnesses and injuries and came in at a frankly rather disappointing 28:39.

My foot problems have cleared now though. I’ve been able to do more miles and at a faster pace and have felt more and more confident as I did so. A few weeks back I decided to enter the first event, a 5k around the harbour.

After my recent runs, I fully expected a time in the 26 minute range, probably as a best case scenario and I’d have been happy with that.

When the race started I noticed very quickly that my pace was good and my heart rate was well under control. And it stayed that way for the majority of what was an excellent run. I came home in the end in a time a little under 25 minutes, having finished really strongly but I still felt I had plenty left in the tank, and given I’ve still got the Fleet Half in a week’s time that was probably pretty sensible.

So my build up for Fleet may not have been perfect but it does seem to have me peaking at a pretty good time. I’m looking forward to Fleet but not setting any time targets at the moment. Sub two hours would be amazing but I doubt I’ll beat myself up too much if I don’t get it.

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