From the beach

Today I thought I’d write my recent thoughts from the rather pleasant surroundings of the beach at Green Island. You see much like the middle of last week the weather is totally gorgeous so we, being me and the kids, are making the most of it.

It’s been a pretty varied last few days really. Doing a bit of work, both in my day job and my part time night one, but also getting out a lot catching some sun and having a few beers too.

Last Friday I was out having a fab time at a work social. I had organised some of the music for it, but on this occasion we had proper musicians in the form of a superb band. I did however have one amaing moment while “playing”. I’d put on a few dance tunes late on and got a few people going (most were outside as is the trend since the smoking ban) and the band wandered in to do a few numbers.  I had Brimful of Asha on and they actually picked up the song in progress and joined in.  It was very cool and very memorable.  Great work by them (haven’t got their name to hand so can’t plug them sadly).

We’ve also had a couple of barbecues again making the most of the weather but since i don’t think its meant to last its probably just as well.

Well i’m going to finish here and check on what neolithic creatures the kids have dragged out of the rockpools here. Or I’m going to lie here and let U2’s With Or Without You remind me some more of Friday 🙂 Bye for now


I’m not all that good at updating this am I

No I’m not.  I’m pretty poor at it generally to be honest.  What I end up having are various thoughts on various occasions and I think “oooh I must blog something about that sometime” and of course I never do.  But what exactly have I been up to?

Quite a lot actually – a couple of weeks back I saw Dara O’Briain when he was over here for one night.  I was expecting him to be good but he was very very very good, and I think we were highly informative too – in fact I dare say he left the gig thinking “I must find out what the f*&$ they were all laughing about when I mentioned the honorary police”.  If working in a disused fort, with a gym next to his dressing room wasn’t enough.  I can’t say decide if I’d rather have been in the front row being chatted to or not but it was good fun anyway.

I was off on holiday from work, but still in Jersey, with the kids last week and we had a great time too – doing lots of swimming, going bowling and also having the kids being taught how to sword fight (with rubber swords) at Mont Orgueil Castle.  Indeed watching the kids being taught that when you draw a sword you have to make a “ching” noise yourself so your opponent knows the sword is real – not rubber at all – or something like that – anyway, well that was one of the funniest things I’d seen in ages, apart from Dara obviously.

Last Friday I was at the Bistro Rocque again amusing the punters with a good set.  I had a pretty good night there really – all present were either heavily inebriated or too young to be heavily inebriated and I’m sure all were pretty happy.

Recently, we’ve been catching up on a bit of TV we’ve missed, although ‘m still about a fortnight behind on watching Nascar races.  We have however been catching up watching the fantastic Derren Brown series.  I can’t believe things he does are set up, because frankly why go to all that bother so there’s some damn useful information being taught to people – like the guy who single handedly came 2nd in a national pub quiz final after being taught to read and the girl last week who was taught how to escape from bindings and tied up sacks and the like.  Fab stuff.

Also, in my spare time I’ve still been playing Forza 2 (working on buying auctioned cars cheaply right now, especially those not available to me because of the region I’m playing in) and a little bit of online cards (Poker and Cribbage – yes I’m that old!)

Well well, that’s passed 10 minutes of my lunch hour happily enough so I’m off to finish eating now and then find something useful to be doing.  Bye for now.

Looking for music

Looking for some half decent music of the cheap variety ideally.  Since I haven’t bought any CDs for an almost unprecedented couple of months or so I thought I’d see if there’s anything on my Amazon wish list that’s going cheap.

In short, I’m a touch disappointed since the only moderately cheap-ish ones are the rather excellent Charlotte Hatherley and an old Echo and the Bunnymen CD.  Not quite what I had in mind then so let’s see what else Amazon would like to send me.  Now before looking at my recommendations I can usually find a selection of New Order singles on there which isn’t inaccurate but I just don’t want to buy them.  For some reason I’ve never told the Amazon computer that I’m not interested – not sure why.

Just the one New Order single now (the great Jetstream) and then I have to go down to number 29 on my list to find something less than 2 years old, and even then it’s a re-packaged Deacon Blue album from years ago.  Ok – this doesn’t look good.  I promise you all I have my finger slightly more on the pulse than that – I think.  Let’s try just filtering to new releases then.

Avril Lavigne….Courteeners……Shania Twain (“Up!” – isn’t that quite old?), Dawn Landes (who?), Ryan Adams (a name crying out for the letter “B”), Rab Noakes (eh??? relation to John maybe), Anthony Reynolds.  That’s enough – now does this mean I am way out of touch these days or are my tastes just a touch too obscure for Amazon.   Hmmmm….looking down a couple more throws up Girls Aloud and Shayne Ward!! Maybe my taste does have a problem!!!

Well I was hoping for better to be honest but there you go maybe there’s not much out at the moment.  Even the album chart struggles to fire my imagination any.

Adele – no ta – which reminds me – what ever did happen to Jem?
Robert Plant – nope
Radiohead – hell no – just not my thing
Nickelback – could be – especially at around six quid
Scouting for Girls – hmmm alright
Amy Winehouse – get the feeling I’ve already heard all the good stuff on it
Amy McDonald – maybe at a fiver
Vampire Weekend – had never heard of them until I saw they were the Itunes single of the week – wasn’t immediately struck with them really

And so it continues – much of a muchness – my eye is drawn by the £3 price tag accompanying a Damian Rice album but really that’s not a great reason to buy is it?

Well at least I do still have a few CD pressies for Xmas to listen to and that will just have to keep me going for a bit I guess.  What’s out there to look forward to then?  Goldfrapp could be good.  Last time I checked Amy Studt had something coming out this year too.  The Orb too – not to everyone’s taste I admit.

Ok then – this jaded old music fan had better be off and be grumpy elsewhere.  No doubt I’ll be grumping at a place near you soon.

How longs it been since I was last here

Ok here we are once again. Weeeell, I’ve been getting back into going to the gym again having switched my membership to somewhere much nearer home and it’s a lot more cosy and well a bit more “me” if you know what I mean. Also, use of the swimming pool, sauna and tennis courts is included so it’s good value for us too. Result!

I was doing a bit more DJing last night, filling in at the Bistro Rocque and had a fantastic time. There was a good old crowd still there dancing away at the end and I think everyone had a good time. Got some more dates coming up in the months ahead too including a likely new venue to me, the new Radisson hotel here in the island. If that one comes off it should be an excellent new place to get to.

Also, I’ve got myself booked up for New Year’s Eve and at the time of writing I’ll be at another new (to me) venue, the La Hocq Inn. It’s a nice pub with a restaurant, which does gorgeous food, so should be a nice fun homely crowd I’d imagine. A bit different to The Bar last year but still excellent.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing about with our new Xbox 360 and in particular using Xbox live under this ID.  I could suggest I’m really quite sad and I don’t think that’s entirely unfair but it has been great fun.

This past week i’ve been off work and the first good thing about that was that it wasn’t possible to log into my work e-mail so I’ve not had to worry about anything like that (although that will mean tomorrow will be a nightmare sadly) but secondly and more important I’ve had some great fun with the kids, including getting a badly waterlogged ear which I’ve suffered from for a few days.

Last night we were all out at a fireworks display, and had been given a pass into the hospitality area which was great. Lovely food and drink and being highly entertained by one of those balloon-animal makers. In fact, last night I made my first ever balloon dog and if you’re really lucky I’ll post a pic one day.

Right that’s enough for now. I’ll try and post more but hey life gets in the way (as do nasty cars playing Project Gotham 4….ahem) Bye for now

Some new words

At the risk of sounding like a sad git who has nothing better to do than watching cookery programmes of an evening I thought I’d share with you some new words I learnt last night, courtesy of Nigella’s new show.

1. Clumpage – possibly she was a fan of that annoying Tracey off of BB but in this case it refers to little bits of mixture not combined properly.  Apparently some clumpage is a good thing.

2. Leafage – definitely inspired by BB Tracey – any leaves (preferably the overpriced posh variety I’d imagine)

3. Moosh – I’m guessing on the spelling here, but “mooshing” appears to involve stirring stuff and other than that I can’t add much to its meaning.

4. Numblyness – clearly she was getting pretty excitable making this crumble by the time this word came out.  I’m not really sure what this means but if you don’t get enough “clumpage” you don’t get the right amount of “numblyness”……apparently

5. Nubblyness – not to be mistaken with number 4 above.  Again, the meaning of this wasn’t explained but as I recall it came out in the context of “leafage” so can’t be all that similar.  Again, nubblyness I hear is a good thing.

Ok – that’s all for today’s vocabulary lesson.  Next time we’ll be listening to more made up words used by telly people who should know better.  Bye bye

A couple of shows and watching gastric bypass surgery

Ok while I’m here at lunch here’s another opportunity to read my random ramblings.  First off, I had a couple of shows at the Bistro Rocque last week and they went pretty well really.  Thursday night was fab with a great hen night crowd in and an excellent night was had by all (even if I do say so myself).  Sadly, Saturday night was very quiet in the restaurant so sadly by the time 1am rolled round most people had cleared off, but hey that’s life in that line of work I guess.  Not sure when my next work is coming up but probably next month and then no doubt it’ll be getting busy as we head for the Xmas rush.

The title of this post probably raised some curiosity but I just had to have a “random rant”.  You know you get those programmes where they follow people who are having gastric bypass surgery.  Well how come all of those who do it on TV swear blind that their size has nothing to do whatsoever with eating too much and its all genetic really honest guv.

Soooo, how come they’re having surgery to restrict the amount of food that they can eat????  There must be something in their logic I’m missing there cos it seems to be a recurring theme in all of these shows.

The last one I saw had an extra highlight in it – the estranged father of this kid came round to visit and suggested she go on a diet – much wailing about it being genetic followed – and he ended up suggesting he pays for her to have a month on a health farm to which he reply was along the lines of “but at those places if I miss a meal I’d have to go without and they make you do loads of exercise”.

Aha – found her out.  She’s just an exercise dodger who happens to enjoy several meals a day.  Nice to have her declare that on national TV (well Discovery Real Time or something) and I’m sure she’ll be keeping that hilarious clip for posterity.

Anyway, should be off to do some work now.  Happy Wednesday all

The top 10 singles of all time

Well if the past 16 or so songs have been anything to go by then I ain’t getting my hopes up for much quality.  My wife reckoned Bohemian Rhapsody will be at the top – I’m hoping not but fearing she’s right.  Think Band Aid might not be a million miles away too

10 – Bryan Adams – Everything I do.  Possibly one of the worst tunes he’s ever released but hey it did a job for a film I guess and made me go running back to my “Reckless” CD to listen to “Heaven” which is possibly one of the best singles ever.

9 – Spiller / Sophie Ellis Bextor – Groovejet – wow I wasn’t expecting this to be in the list at all.  It’s not a wonderful track but actually its going to be one of those timeless tunes that is instantly recognisable from a particular musical era but will still kind of stand up on its own as being pretty good.  Reminds me of a fab holiday I had in Ibiza a few years back too

8 – Oasis – Dont look back in anger.  Aahhhh – now we’re talking.  I remember quite a fair few nights in Raffles nightclub at just before chucking out time listening well shouting to Oasis tunes with a beer glass in one hand and the other hand over the shoulder of someone you’ve never met while 20 or so of you all belt out the same tune.  Love it 🙂

7 – The Verve – Drugs Dont Work – another tune from the music to kill yourself to series but actually it’s a beautiful (if depressing) tune.  “Like a cat in a bag waiting to drown” is possibly one of the most miserable lyrics ever written but it’s still a fab tune.

6 – ewwww they’ve got a caption headed “composers of Stand By Me” – yup now here’s one song I hated when it reached number 1 and now I still hate it.  It’s terrible really.  Doesn’t even have the redeeming quality that you can dance to it.  Very poor

5 – Police – Every breath you take.  Now when i was a brat this seemed to be number one for months and months and as a result i hated it at the time.  And to be fair I’m not sure i’ve warmed to it any.  I do however appreciate it more as a result of the Puff Daddy and Faith Evans cover version (sort of) a few years back

4 – Abba – Dancing Queen – ok personally I don’t really like this tune, but like whoever is just speaking just said you can go to any disco or whatever and if they put this on the floor fills.  Yep it’s true I do play this and it fills the floor like little else.  Well that was surreal – I’ve just watched Peter Hook (of New Order fame) saying what a great tune it is too – does that make it officially cool or was he taking the urine???

3 – The Beatles – Hey Jude – nope this does nothing for me.  Can’t even be bothered to hate it.  The “na na na” bit at the end just goes on and on and on whilst I’m hoping for a decent tune to come on.  Now…..Please

2 – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – this is kind of like good classical music.  You can’t love it but you can sort of appreciate it without looking too uncool and of course you can get to do your best Wayne’s World headbanging at the appropriate point in the song – a fact rather criminally ignored in this segment about the tune – very poor effort by Channel 4.  I’ve never yet played this at the Bistro but I must do just to see if everyone will headbang at the right point.

1 – John Lennon – Imagine – ewwwwwwww not what i was hoping for at all.  Imagine is too dull to be a great tune isn’t it.  Yeah it’s well written and it’s mildly pleasant but it really doesn’t move me emotionally like a truly great tune should surely.  Oh well – maybe it’s me just being a bit rubbish in the taste department.

Well i’m going to crawl back under my rock now.  Byebye

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