A setback, then inspiration

It’s been a mixed week or two training wise. One half-decent interval session, then a good 10-miler, a little rest for the week after that with just a 5k. Then tried a 12-miler and struggled at nine. This week had been on track but last night’s tempo session left me with a sore and rather weak knee. Definitely need to keep an eye on that.

However, the main event today was that our race packs have arrived. And if the constant use of orange in the race instruction pack is anything to go by I’ll be finishing the race and picking up a lovely tangerine coloured finisher’s t-shirt. Hoping for better though!


Just the seventeen days to go and keen to rest up to make sure my last long run on Sunday goes well

The training continues…

And so, as expected in my previous post the sometimes monotonous plod-plod-plod of running training is in full swing now. I’m following a really good training programme that is giving plenty of variety but it’s all too easy to good days and bad days.

After doing the Run Jersey 10k last year in a time I was really happy with, I was once harbouring ambitions of running the Silverstone Half in around an hour 50 mins. I’ve tried to run at the sort of pace that would be required and I just haven’t been quite there in training. Although having said that tonight’s run was probably my best for quite some time having run a kilo at the end of it in under five minutes.

In just over a month’s time I think I’ll be pretty happy with a run under two hours. But having said that before I ran last year’s Half I hadn’t run anything like that distance before and I ran the whole thing. And when I did the 10km I ran miles better than in training.

So just maybe, with the race day pressure and adrenalin, who knows what can be achieved? Looking forward to finding out.