A quick look back

I was a little surprised to discover its only been three and a bit weeks since I last posted here but that is what it is. It’s been a full three weeks.

The first of our twelve monthly runs took place a couple of weeks ago around a pretty good loop in and around the RAF Museum in Finchley. We had a great time although our run was just ok. I enjoyed running together with Jean but I don’t think we’ll be doing much more of it. Except probably for the start of half marathons maybe. We enjoyed it though.

We then had a week or so off but have been back on it with a vengeance. 6.5k yesterday and then near 11k at something approaching 10k record pace, although because I had a short rest at half way it won’t have counted for anything. Enjoying running hugely though and looking forward to the first Parkrun next weekend. Then it will only be a couple of weeks till the Colour Run. We also signed up for a new race recently so are now definitely doing the Winter 10k in London in January next year. Another great one. Really looking forward to it.