Cruel advertising

While watching the American Football last night two adverts kept playing just about all night and I thought I’d share them with you.

First, there’s this one for a Seat car where all these toys sneak out into the car overnight and get taken wherever.  But the cruelty is reserved right to the end where you see this poor little cuddly pig running after the car.  Personally, I think such meanness to poor animals should not be tolerated – it is mean and very wrong.

And then most of the night straight after they had this one on for some cold symptom thing or other and at the end of that they featured someone taking a nose of a snowman who was about to sneeze with the result that this sneeze went off in the snowmans head clearly causing great discomfort and distress – AND his hat blew off as well.

Such cruelty to creatures in advertising should not be permitted and the advertisers should be told they are wrong!!!

Ok that’s enough from me.  Carry on!

Disc cleaning, work and the quiet life

It’s been a pretty uneventful week and after the whole Christmas and New Year thing I think that’s probably just as well.  I’ve got nothing on this weekend for once and I can’t wait to spend the whole time relaxing (and probably eating too many crisps or something!).

My New Year’s Eve efforts must have been worthwhile since I’ve been offered regular work at the same place over the summer, but I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to work that much more there – not because I didn’t enjoy it since I really really did.  But working two nights at the weekend and possibly Sunday afternoons too might be a bit much for the family to put up with so we’ll need to have a chat about that sometime.  Still I’m glad I’ve been given the opportunity to actually make that decision at all – something must have gone right.

Well, I’ve just spend a couple of minutes cleaning off the mucky fingerprints one of my son’s friends made on my copy of Gran Turismo 4 so now it’s back to the Playstation for the night.  Bye for now!!

Looking back to New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve was a fantastic night for me.  Everything went really well and everyone seemed to have a great night – not that I can take the credit for a lot of that in fairness! – the company seemed pretty good too.

Having played for four hours once before I sort of was prepared for how long the night would be but the first time I did that I got loads of specific requests so I didn’t have to do a lot of thinking but this time I thought I’d have to put more hard work in.

Truth is I probably did have to put more hard work in, but whatever I did do must have worked because on more than one occasion the manager (and area manager of the groupof pubs/clubs too) came up to tell me how good it was going and how the music was spot on etc…

The first hour and a half or so I just played a lot of fairly relaxed tunes because people were still eating but when things picked up they picked up well with lots of people dancing, drinking and generally having a great time.  The whole midnight / Big Ben thing went with only a tiny hitch that no-one spotted (I think) and for the rest of the night I played a lot of requests, chatted to a lot of people between records and received an unexpected number of kisses from slightly drunk women.  Perks of the job I guess!!

So would I do it again next year?  Almost certainly yeah although it wasn’t quite the same not celebrating the new year with my wife and family.  Would I work at the same place before then if they asked me?  Probably yeah – but not sure they are looking for someone anyway – interesting to think about though.

Anyway, enough about my NYE.  Hope you had a good one and that 2007 brings you everything you want.